Repair Terms & Conditions

Warranty: SHIBOOS offers a 3-month warranty for premium mobile phone display replacements. Note that this warranty does not cover physical damage or copy displays. Additionally, SHIBOOS provides a 1-month warranty for all repair services. If any issues arise within this period, service charges, pickup/drop charges, and sometimes spare part charges may be waived.

Battery warranties vary depending on the brand and model, ranging from 3 months to 1 year. However, warranty will not be applicable if the battery is bulging.

Repair times can range from 3 to 4 business days, with possible delays due to parts procurement and customer approval. A non-refundable pickup/drop charge of Rs.200 applies.

For software issues, SHIBOOS does not guarantee data loss and is not liable for any loss of installed applications during the repair process. In the event of loss or theft, SHIBOOS is not responsible for data-related issues but may provide a similar mobile phone or its cost, subject to SHIBOOS final decision.

If a customer declines repair service after pickup, the device will be held for 30 days. Additional terms, conditions, and privacy policies will be explained by our field technician.